Friday, 31 December 2010

From David Plante's "The Pure Lover"


Calmly, you said, “I wish I could go home.”
“But we are at home. You don’t think we are?”
“Not quite.”
“Where is home then?”
“In London,” you said, and then, “This is London.”
“It is, and we’re at home here.”
“Not quite,” you said again.
“Is Greece home?”
“No, no quite.” You were silent, trying to think, then you said, “Home has many meanings.”

Tuesday, 21 December 2010


I've also decided that my next official project should be to write a Christmas hit. This could both be a piece of conceptual what-have-you about familiarity and popular culture and ritual, and a brilliant moneymaking scheme. I'm from Canada. We have snow. We have Canadian content laws. I'll get it on the radio and become a big big super big star. It will be nearly as great as this:

Christmas never gets old.

What is this time of year that is so clichéd it can never become clichéd. Rather than cringe at the same old familiar songs and food and people, familiarity touches us with the warmth of sitting next to a fire.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Everything you may have wanted to know about Debbie but forgot to ask

This video was taken as part of non-zero-one's "Hold Hands Lock Horns" series during the Edinburgh Festival in August. Enjoy, my 4 friends, enjoy!

#06 debbie from non zero one on Vimeo.