Thursday, 31 May 2007

The Brick Lane Sun is Shining, and our absentee blogger returns....

Okay I'm going to post...

What's that?

Yeah, you heard me right, I'm going to post.

But you haven't posted in like, a month.


So.... shouldn't you find someting to post about, before you go about, um, you know, breaking the silence?

No. I think I should just break it. It's better to just break it and not over analyze it too much.

But what if people read it and they're you know, expecting something.

What are they going to expect?

I don't know, news, what you've been up to, a long meandering essay, that sort of thing.

I just feel like posting. Can't I just post for the sake of posting? Why does everything have to be so effing meaningful all the time?

Well, you could tell them about, I don't know, your trip to Canada, for example?

Okay, so I went to Canada. Nobody cares that I went to Canada.

How about you tell them about the play you have on tomorrow?

It's only ten minutes.

It's in a Festival!

A RADA festival. So what. Big deal.

I liked the script.

You like everything. That's your job.

It's better than being down on yourself about everything. And just posting in a blog for the "sake of posting" whatever the heck THAT's supposed to mean. I mean, do you think anyone actually reads this?

Four of my friends read it.

Not anymore they don't, since you never post, and when you do post it's just to point out how long it's been since you last posted. I mean, you know what I call that, I call that...

Don't say it...

Self Indulgent!

You had to say it.

But it is. It's just about the most self indulgent blog posting you could do.

Blogs are supposed to be self indulgent.

No, blogs are supposed to inform.

Why don't you just shut up with all your goody two shoes Blog theories. Why can't you just let the internet be what it is... a meaningless diatribe of...

Dont say it...

Of nonsense. Of the kind of thoughtful meanderings that I self publish. You know, a radio dj late at night, whispering song requests to a great hulking nothing, nowhere, nobody.

You do realize that someone is reading this.


Well, whoever is in front of the computer screen. You should probably apologize to them for calling them, what was it, a "great, hulking, nothing, nowhere, nobody?" How do you think that makes them feel?


Why would that make them feel happy?

Because no matter who they are, they are certainly more than a nothing, nowhere or nobody. Everyone's somebody, and now they know it for sure.

I'm tired of your circular logic. I'm going to take a nap.

Fine, take your nap, and inform the world about interesting "news" and continue trying to maintain a "relevant" blog, and just go on and on about how GREAT this whole internet thing can be. Meanwhile, I'll be over here, on the computer screen, checking Facebook for the fourtieth time. When you come back, I expect you'll have written a novel.

I will have.

Well good. good for you.


niall said...

Funny post! See you soon (if you're coming over that is, otherwise ignore everything after the exclamation mark).

Keeley said...

Yeah, it's a good one, m'dear. And congrats on getting your play on at the RADA festival! See you in June for swimming and Pimming. I hope Pimming doesn't mean anything untoward, it sounds like slang for something - I'm using it in the drinking-of-delightful-alcoholic-beverage sense anyway.

Keeley said...

p.s. Our friendly neighbourhood cat just found the feathery hairclip you guys gave me and ran off with it. I assume she'll have eaten it by now, thinking it was a bird. Boo :(

Andrew Field said...

LOve your BLog! I read It all the tiME!

YOU should Check OUt Adult Friend Finder - they let me Post my Nude Modelling Pics There when They Won't on BLogger!

(What does spam mean if its from someone you actually know?)


you say "effing" and "heck" ! ahahahaha

the restaurant review is a must do again affair, so yeah

anyway go read about you on my self-indulgent blog+

send me your play with my grandmother's words!

i hug you

Anonymous said...

Very nicce!