Saturday, 19 January 2008


I'm sorry I haven't been posting.

I have been:

1) On a trip through Egypt where I almost found out the meaning of life the universe and everything before someone stole my wallet, which it turns out contained the meaning of life the universe and everything, scrawled down on what I'd thought was a receipt from Topshop.

2) Working at a real estate agent where I had to SELL SELL SELL and CLOSE CLOSE CLOSE, but whereas I thought we were selling real estate, it turns out that it wasn't a real estate agents at all, it was a pastry shop, and I'd accidentally evicted the other shopkeeper up the road when all he'd wanted was a croissant.

3) Had to go to a mental institute where there was this big Native guy and he was lovely, and this scary charming guy, and he was scary and charming, and a few other guys, and they were mostly alright.

4) Finding treasure but then it was nearly stolen by pirates, so according to the advice of my older brother I swallowed all of the jewels and rubies and had to go to the hospital for a historectomy. Turns out I was wrong about the battle of Waterloo. Napoleon lost.

5) Working my way up as a senator, until I met this opera singer and I got distracted by staging La Boheme with her, but a site specific show that took place in a meat packing factory.

6) Eating ice cream.

All very pressing. I hope you understand.

Welcome to 2008! The year of double knots and double fun.

To all of the blog readers who've given up on me - Just wanted to let you know you could see me and this whole playwrighting thing in the flesh at the end of January. A play I wrote is being directed as a double bill with Suzan Lori-Parks' "Betting on the Dust Commander" by the very talented Ellen MacDougall at the Albany Theatre from the 24th to the 28th. You can book online, I'd be ever so happy.

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