Saturday, 25 October 2008

On the Fringes...

Hello Bloggy friends!

Has it ever been some time! First, I apologize for the Sarah Palin video posting that currently takes up the whole darned blog if you check it on a PC. It's just too hilarious to take down, technical difficulties aside. I stand by Head of Skate until it's in a theatre near you. But this does mean that the only way to save the blog is to up and post something, even if (as always) I have not so much to say.

I am currently writing from a bookshop called Atlantis in Santorini in Greece where I am listening to 69 Love Songs and watching the head dude, Craig, pack up his life posessions in shoeboxes, and Janet, my partner in Atlantis crime and crime fighting, try and pilfer his ipod for goodness before he leaves. Being in such an idyllic and relaxed place has definitely given me pause to think - first off, being somewhere idyllic doesn't do much to change your mood. At the end of the day you've still got yourself to contend with, even in the best circumstances. I heard Brad Pitt say as much once in an interview, and I thought, "Wow Brad. That's deep. You're so lucky, you're a star, and yet..."

Nonetheless, I am having a nice time, with both myself and the setting. (That sounded mildly inappropriate.) I've been researching a play, though research is threatening to descend into procrastination, and dipping in and out of books that are unrelated yet related to the subject matter. I am a bit terrified about trying to write something weighty again. It's easy to become paralyzed by this kind of thing- but not worrying about money, or work, or really anything else does help to chase these things away.

Wow, way to get personal with the Blog. I really just meant to get Sarah Palin off my sidebar. Now suddenly we're like all best friends or something. I blame it on the Magnetic Fields.

Okay Bloggy friends. Til my next post. I'll try to keep it on a topic that isn't me.

PS: The image is from a photo essay I made of Janet absentee voting. Barack Obama's name feels especially good when a Greek breeze is blowing.

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