Sunday, 11 January 2009

Opinions strange and unbelievable...

So aside from watching the venomous Ann Coulter today on youtube, completely perplexed by her extremely self assured manner while spouting utter bullsh*t, (The blog swears! Can you believe it? I f*cking can't!) I had the misfortune of reading this article where one (well intentioned but mind bendingly misled)pro-Israeli protester said, with regards to what's going on right now in Gaza:

"We want the people of Israel to have peace, and the people of Gaza to have peace.

"The events of the past two weeks have not been a war on the people of Gaza but war on the people [who are] using them as human shields."

Right, right, the good old "human shield" argument. When we were kids on road trips my brother used that one on me too - if he was punching and coming towards my side of the car, and I was up against the window with child lock on, it was my fault if I got hit. Are these people for serious? Where do they expect the Palestinians to go? How do they expect your average Palestinian to know to be "away from any terrorist activity" when presumably not All Palestinians are well informed about where this activity happens? Next we'll be hearing arguments from the schoolyard ilk of "Who started it?" And for the record, Israel, You did.

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Al said...

The kernel of that argument reads a bit like this: "what kind of Monsters are they (Hamas) to let us kill their women and children like this...this saddens us immensely"..this, more or less, has been the dominant rhetoric perpetuated by the Israeli, and war lover's, PR machine.