Thursday, 12 February 2009

My oh my oh my! (or, David Rakoff sings the blues...)

Well, it's February, Bloggy friends. And I was so pleased with my last post, and so disappointed at the lack of comments (by lack, read, none - not a one!) that I thought I would try to starve the blog of new posts until someone deigned to reply to my brilliant rant about products by appointment to her majesty. I was trying a bit of a "hard to get" approach. I've done it before - if you scroll back through time you'll notice a particularly stubborn bout beginning in August of 2007, which I think went on until the following January. (When Andrew Haydon *did* finally post the first comment, however that comment was mocking my lack of blog postage. Hoisted by my own withered petard.)

Okay, okay, well here I am, now solid in the knowledge that I am alone in my HRM obsession with foodstuffs, but, much like those plucky Masterchef contenders, more determined than ever to put in a good showing. Of course, this does mean coming up with some blog-worthy material. Okay, give me a moment. Okay. Hm. Well.... I woke up today with a bit of a hangover (great start, Pearson. Tell the internet about your hangover. If one day we reach the finite space of publication on the internet and nobody can update anything on wikipedia ever again, at least the annals of time will know you once suffered the consequences of drinking...) Silence, Brackets! As I was saying, I woke up this morning with a HANGOVER, and tried to get up at a decent time, but instead realized that I was going to have to spend the day sleeping the terrible feelings off. It was like having the flu, except I knew that it was all my fault. So even I felt no sympathy for myself. However, this did afford me an entire day of surfing the internet - and if one were to peruse my web-history today, one might find that I...

1. Found out that my flatmate from when I was living in Australia got married in an Asian style wedding and has a gorgeous child with the middle name of Hiro.
2. Checked facebook and gmail more times than is proper or healthy. Perhaps I should check again, just to make sure...
3. Became mildly obsessed with Canadian members of the "This American Life" staff. What the web-history could not show you, however, was the way that I furrowed my brow, annoyed, when Jonathan Goldstein and David Rakoff's wikipedia articles referred to them as "Canadian-American." What the heck does that even mean? It is surely different from Native American. Or is it?
4. Watched the quarter finals of Masterchef. Riveting stuff.

So that's me in a cyber-nutshell. Sans the queen's favourite crackers and jam. What did the day turn out for you?

(Do you see what I did there? I literally demanded a comment. That was a demand! I'm through Playing hard to get with you guys. I read "The Rules." Well, I didn't read them, I read an article about them. Or I skimmed it. Eitherway, I have neither the patience, nor stamina, to Master them. The thing about being subtle is, well, you can always tell yourself you should have been more direct. And that's not good for anybody's hindsight.) Silence, I say!


Mary Pearson said...

I think your blogs are always brilliant. Really and truly! Loved the Queen's products piece & I always enjoy your 'Canadian' perspective blogs, including this one. It's so passionately patrotic in a typically subtle Canadian way. Sorry to hear of your hangover.
Perhaps comments from your Mom where not what you were looking for, but I couldn't resist.

Mary Pearson said...

P.S. Re your question:
I spent the last couple of days up-dating my web-site. What a task!

Adam said...

Hi Deb,

I just found your blog (nice Facebook pimping!) and really enjoy it.

We woke up late here in Melbourne. Had breakfast with our good friend Sophie (and her friend, Annabel) and then, while Sapphira and Horatio drove Sophie to the airport to return to London, Aurora and I took a nice long stroll through the parklands into the city; very relaxing, and fun.

We were distracted by several playgrounds along the way, but who can say no to a playground? ;-)

This evening, we have been moving the last of our belongings into our new rental (all the way across the road from our old house).

I hope you're well! Would be great to see you soon. Failing that, we'll just have to leave more and more comments on you blog! Heh.

Actually, this might be what Saph needs to start her own blog... Can't wait to tell her about it!

Cheers! Adam.