Monday, 2 March 2009

The most tastiest things I've tasted

Hello Interlina! I'm about to go off to make some bean soup that may or may not be a success, but in honor of the recent finals of my obsessional show "Masterchef" (trashy but good. Most of my friends have been over this with me. And occasionally, I have gotten people to leave my house through the secret power of putting on an episode of Masterchef) I am going to list the tastiest things I have tasted. This has something to do with the recent suggestion from one of my readers that my best posts are when I list things. I like lists. And hopefully, so do you.

So in memorical order (the order in which I can remember them) -the most tastiest things I've tasted.

1. Mushroom and Truffle Ravioli and foam - Taillevent, Paris
Taille Vent has, for many years, been a three star michelin restaurant in Paris, and so it is only appropriate that it should be top of this list of tastiest things I've tasted. This is the kind of place where all of the waiters wore tuxedoes and there were three people just to show me where the bathroom was. Also, everything came on a gold tray. The pasta for this ravioli was soft and paper thin, and the foam tasted so earthy I thought I might cry soil. To make matters better, this goes right at the top of the list, and yet it's vegetarian. Take that, food memory!

2. Aztec Soup - Mexico.
I was fourteen at the time, and we went snorkeling on an island near Cancun. Later we went into town for lunch, and were assured that this place would not come with a side of Montezuma's Revenge. This soup was meaty, with tomatoes, and - nacho chips. In the soup. And for some reason, it was among the tastiest tastes of all time.

3. Rhubarb Pie - London - my apartment
My old flatmate Victoria had her twin sister stay with us for a while, and her twin sister was a secret chef who used to get paid lots of money to go and stay at rich people's homes and cook for them. One time our other flatmate Felix brought home some fresh rhubarb from his mum's garden, and Caroline made us a pie with it. When I tried to think of my all time favorite deserts, this was the first one I could think of. I was so glad to have this lady staying with us at that very moment.

4. Vanilla ice cream - Berthillon, Paris
Berthillon is generally agreed upon by food critics to be the best ice cream in the world. I was once interviewed on the interweb by some guy with a blog called "The Ice Cream Bloke" outside of a place in NY that was meant to have the best ice cream in the world - and I vehemently denied their claim to fame. Berthillon is so good that if you ever get to go, you should just have a very basic flavor, like vanilla, chocolate or strawberry, because for the very first time you will suddenly understand the point of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

5. Torro sushi - Nobu, New York
It was like eating a cloud or a dream. Wow, this is becoming a painful exercise.

6. Crab Bisque - Soup Kitchen International ("The Soup Nazi"), New York
Everything you've heard on Seinfeld is true. I would gladly pay $20 and disown a few friends for this stew - complete with huge crab claws.

7. Zalina's soup - Her apartment, Santorini
I'm off to try and recreate this soup right now - it's the kind of soup that begs the question, how can beans and water taste so good? It was spicy, meaty, vegetarian, I just don't know how she did it!

8. Maple smoked Salmon - Halifax, Nova Scotia
A good friend of mine was a fishmonger in the 'Fax, and once when we visited her and partook of what we believed was truly delicious smoked salmon, she as much as laughed in our faces, then proceeded to have us taste maple smoked salmon. It was so rich I thought my tongue would melt off. Truly delicious.

9. Prawn burrito with Guacamole - 3 in the morning, Brooklyn
What came first? The 3 in the morning or the delicious? I'll never know...

10. Apple Stilton Soup - Christmas Eve 1996, Toronto
Peter Jackman, who has since passed away, was a friend of my parents' who made the most delicious foods, but soups especially were his specialties. Together he and Peter Oliver introduced me to the goodness of my first ever favorite flavor, French Onion Soup. But Peter Jackman also made an Apple Stilton soup one Christmas that I'll never forget. My brother thought it tasted like vomit, and I thought it tasted divine. Go figure.


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I'm touched by Dad's inclusion in your list. Although I would have voted for pork and mustard cream sauce.
That being said, the soup was pretty delicious.

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