Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Standing by

Over drinks last night an opportunity came up. The music playing in the pub was awful - so awful that the Counting Crows were a highlight - when somebody mentioned Ben Folds. Amidst the groans of my terribly worldly and well dressed drinking companions, I figuratively stepped forward and took a stand.

"I think Ben Folds is the Paul Simon of our generation."

This is the second time in young, relatively musically savvy company that I have had to defend the man - and there is something exhilirating about it. I love the moment of hesitation, the fleeting fear of reproach, the bravado with which I have to announce it, and the ensuing seconds of shock, silence, and then relief as my companions launch into their own guilty admissions...

"I love Blind Melon."

Oh Captain my Captain- I should probably start reading the news more so that I can take a stand about something that actually matters.

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Daniel said...

Dear Debbie,

If Ben Folds is the Paul Simon of our generation, we're fucked. Paul Simon is a musical genius. The reason it's referred to as a guilty admission is that you acknowledge the lack of integrity, talent, or artistic validity of something you like anyway, for whatever personal reasons. Don't try to sell me Ben Folds as anything more than an aging pop act that you happen to like because they made grade ten awesome (for you). And don't degrade Paul Simon. That's what really pissed me off. Oh, and I miss you.

Love Dan