Friday, 5 June 2009

I've been bad, haven't I?

Oh Bloggy friends!

I apologize, it's been so long since I've written anything proper that I've probably lost most/some of you - my four friends who read it may have gone down to two - including my mom. Well, well, well, stop watering a plant, the plant will unroot itself, and then walk somewhere else, on its roots, in a freaky/terrifying way.

Okay - here's the news -

1. Something terribly exciting is happening to Forest Fringe. I don't know how much I can say about it, except that it involves BAC, the Arches, and some drinking/fun. I'm into / at the moment. I bet you've noticed. Anyway, I had a meeting this week with the Davids and Jackie and LJ, and of course, Mr. Field, and ideas were being spun like we were old ladies at one of those spinning machines (a loom?) that sleeping beauty pricked her hand on. Oh dear, what a terrible simile. Eitherway, check our blog for more. It could be the best summer yet.

2. It was so sunny here for a while, and now it's not. I don't know if that really qualifies as news - even old news - but it occured to me as I looked down at my summer dress that looks vaguely incongruous as grey light pours through the window. Ah, Engerland. You and your weather certainly do keep me on my toes.

3. My partner in crime and crime fighting and I will be advice boothing at Shunt by London Bridge tonight - so if you are a scary stalker who has been hoping to catch me somewhere - now's your chance! Let's hope you checked the internet today.

4. Oh Dear. I read another nice blog today that informed me that Archie Andrews will officially be marrying Veronica. I don't buy it. Remember when Superman was dead? So do I. Eitherway, he ain't dead no more, and if Archie does get married, there will be a motel room with Betty's name on it in his very near future.

5. Shows to watch: Unlimited's "The Moon, The Moon", "Aunt Dan and Lemon" at the Royal Court, and if I think of something else I can recommend I certainly will. The main reason I'd recommend Aunt D and L is because when I went to see it 10 people walked out, even though I was thoroughly entertained. I love feeling cultured.

6. I'm writing a play about Gender for my dear Canadians! More to come on this...

Okay friends, will blog again soon with less of a list and more of a subject. I just didn't want any of you giving up on me.

PS: I google imaged "Comic Don't Give Up On Me" and crazily enough, Archie's Proposal covers came up. The Great and Mysterious Google strikes again!

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Mary Pearson said...

Yes, your old Mum is still a reader of yours- as you predicted