Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Early Morning Blog Post

The sun floods in through the windows by my bed, and seems to ask that I write some sort of manifesto for the day. Surely this moment before you've really done anything in your day is the most important time to remind yourself of what you intend to do every day, what you chip away bit by bit in increments.


Hello March 23rd, 2010. We've never met before. And we never will again. So let's make the most of this whirlwind thing we have ahead of us. Let's do our best to make each other proud. Here are my expectations of you:

1. That I do some more work on my Arches/BAC piece - good work, not the bad kind. That's no good for anyone.

2. That I do a little bit of reading. Alexandria Quartet, here I come! (We're through with War and Peace now. Reading it is probably in the top ten things I've ever done. It was like visiting a cathedral or I imagine like seeing the pyramids. This is what human beings can do, this is how far we can go.)

3. That I take a risk. I'm not a risky person in general, and without a bit of risk, where does the life part come in?

4. That I get to my job interview on time.

5. That I go to the theatre tonight with an open perspective, but as Tassos Stevens once wisely advised me, expecting it to disappoint me, so that maybe then it can surprise me.

6. Okay, here's the last one. That I do something good for somebody. (At least one thing.)

Do listing these things make them more or less likely to happen? That really seemed more like a to-do list than a manifesto for the day.

Okay Day Manifesto part deux: Smile, Laugh, Laugh at yourself, Laugh with others, Reach out to people, Embrace when they reach out to you, Try being honest about good things, things that embarass you, Embrace the unexpected, Be ready to throw plans out the window, and Do the Day Proud.

Oh what a cringey blog post. I think I'll publish it anyway. Yeah, that's right March 23rd. Today I commit to the cringe, for better or for worse. I assume that's what you meant by risky.

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