Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Edinburgh on the horizon- Like You Will Be Soon

Well hello there Blog of yore!

It's been a busy month, and it will no doubt get even busier in less than a week's time when I head up to Edinburgh for Forest Fringey times. I look forward to that kind of busy every year, in kind of a terrified way, the way you might look forward to an exercise class you always just make it through, I know it's good for me, I know I'll have to keep my endurance up, I hope I can keep up with the moves, if I do I'll feel pretty good about myself.

You might be interested in what precisely Forest Fringe and moi have on the go, so I'll run you through it briefly. Okay, well Forest Fringe has been brilliantly programmed this year by the dear Andy with some contributions from myself - if you want to know everything click on the Forest Fringe link on the side of the blog to check out our thinking behind this year's festival. Possibly foolishly, we're aiming for the nearly impossible feat of a more relaxed festival this year, a year that will create a warm, comforting, relaxing space in the midst of the chaos, while also throwing some incredibly exciting pieces of work in, just to keep things interesting. I'm excited about basically everything, so I'm not going to choose favourites. Come to the venue any time if you're in Edinburgh and I can pretty much promise something to delight and confuse you.

And of course, I'm going to be remounting "Like You Were Before" in Alphabet Video, at the other side of Marchmont. I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm trying to rehearse so that it will be good, oh, I did mention I'm excited and nervous, didn't I? Tomorrow I may even go crazy and get some flyers made, even though I hate flyers. Oh, maybe I'll just scratch that. I was going to get a stamp made and then just make anything close by into a flyer off the cuff. I wonder if it's too late for that? Well, eitherway, if you haven't seen it before you should come see it now, if only because Alphabet Video is a totally amazing, genuine article independent video store, and if you're anything like me, genuine article stores of all kinds sort of make life worth living. Why not stage a show in one?

If you're into that you can book online to see it by clicking on these words. And although artist Debbie would love to take your money, producer Debbie refuses to let her do so, as all events at Forest Fringe are free like the birds who are free. (Because not all birds are free.)

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