Monday, 15 November 2010

For Goodness Sakes Post Something

Oh Man Interweb. When I don't spend time with you for a while I get so afraid to write to you. Like a clingy friend who gets progressively angrier every day I don't call, and so you know, I just keep not calling. Out of fear, I guess. But what a ridiculous comparison, you are the interweb. You have so many friends. You just keep on chugging along regardless of how much attention I pay you, you keep writing equal parts disgusting/witty/politically worrying/defeatist/hopeful comments on blogs all over the place, and whether or not I'm contributing makes little impact. Nonetheless, the blogging party is one I always enjoy attending, and when I fall out of your loop I do often regret it. So it's nice to be back and rambling to you.

This month has been a relatively busy one in the life of myself. I recently completed a residency at the BAC where I attempted to learn all the lyrics to this song. Easier said than done, chickadees, easier said than done.

I was also redrafting my play "The Great Asker" for the reading I have coming up at the Tarragon Theatre in Toronto on November 24th, (did you check that plug, was the precise date making it too obvious? Should I just have linked it instead?) and I think all of the exposure to my lack of linguistic powers in magyar (That's Hungarian for Hungarian) did me some good.

I was lucky enough to undertake two workshops with the Artist Teacher Exchange at BAC, one with two remarkable and very inspiring Education dudes who wore vests and played African instruments with the best of 'em, and one with Frantic Assembly, a theatre company whose show Peep Show blew my little 19 year old mind when I saw it back in 2002. So I feel all in all like it's been a fortunate month for learning.

One less fortunate piece of news is that the Edinburgh University Settlement had to dissolve due to increased financial pressure from the economic crisis, which means Bristo Hall is up for sale and Forest Cafe is in jeopardy. I believe in this community, in its importance, impact, ripples, and I think it will pull through. Hey - if you like me and like my blog, I suggest you think the same and head on over to their tumblr to donate.

Just click here. On these words, right here.

It's fast and easy and will make you feel good. I guarantee it. Because you'll be part of keeping at least one breath of independent and co-operative artistic business alive somewhere in the world. (In Edinburgh!) And you'll be supporting an organisation that has touched my life and the lives of countless theatre companies, bands, visual artists, writers, masseuses, aspiring chefs and hair stylists over the last ten years. Businesses like Forest don't stay open if we take them for granted - in Edinburgh, glossy soulless coffee shops will always be the default unless we fight for the places that matter. And to quote from a source I can't quite place, everything beautiful is as difficult as it is rare. Organisations like this one don't stay alive without a fight. And it's not someone else's job to put up their dukes. It's our job. And together we can do it. That's the good news.

The Edinburgh University Settlement situation has thrown up a lot of questions for Andy and I about the future of Forest Fringe - so allow me to say publicly to the four friends of mine who read this - Don't worry. We'll be fine. We are survivors. Just like Cher and her cronies, and with much less plastic surgery to boot. However, we have been rethinking our model lately. You can read about it in an open letter that we posted on our blog. Click on Forest Fringe on my blogroll for details...

And finally, my website has launched, but is really very far from complete. The skeleton structure is there, but it's crying out for more details, photographs, media, up-to-date press and more. Soooo... I'm not going to tell you what the website is, because I don't think you should go yet. But let's just say this - the address is really. really. obvious. Like it couldn't be more obvious if I tried. So if you really want to look at a half finished thing, it shouldn't be too difficult. But, four friends, if you want to stay impressed with me, I wouldn't recommend it yet.

(Hear that, Mom?)

It's nice to be back with you Bloggy. Let's never fight again.


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