Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Like so many Jane Austen characters before me...

This weekend I will be visiting Bath to perform "Like You Were Before". This is the first date on a tour of the show I'm doing over the next few months in the UK. Watch this space for the super exciting other dates - I will let y'all know as soon as they are confirmed.

The Guardian had some very kind words to say about how you should come see it in Bath - click here to be convinced.

This is very much starting to feel like the little tour date that could, with a few slight obstacles which have so far stood in the way. First I discovered that the charger for my north american video camera that they don't make anymore had gone missing, which meant the video my entire show is based off of was trapped, which meant that I was seriously rue-ing the day I ever chose to base an entire show around technology. The lovely Ruby Jones came over and fixed that one for me by suggesting I plug into the charger for her camera. This was after I'd become panicked enough that such a simple solution seemed nigh-on impossible.

Then the televisions for my show seemed altogether way too expensive to get to Bath, but the lovely Lisa Heledd-Jones fixed this problem for me by volunteering some sets, so I had to just quit my whining. The show was nearly on the road.

THEN I woke up this morning and had lost my voice. I have some kind of throat infection. But a quick call to the NHS direct line also gave me the good advice to make my voice come back and hopefully stick. So Mighty Ducks style, the hockey game must go on. Giving you all the more incentive if you are in or near Bath to be present for the triumphant moment that I walk out on stage and do my best. I'd love to see you in the crowd while I'm doing that. We'll wave hello. And you can book your tickets by clicking here.

For one last piece of newsy news- my official professional-like website is up and running now. Check out the link under my blogroll. Any feedback is welcome. But don't hate on the napkin. I really like the napkin.


Vivi's Best said...

coming tonight and i absolutely can't wait.
feel better.. x

Vivi's Best said...

oops. scrap that. apparently it's tomorrow night i'm going. still very excited though.. x