Friday, 20 April 2007

The time is now... so get creating!

Forest Fringe: Freedom at the Fringe

Why we’re Different
During the year the Forest is an arts space which is volunteer run, self funding, not-for-profit, and always free access. This August, for the first time ever, Forest Fringe will open in Bristo Hall, a converted performance and workshop space above the cafe, holding free readings, workshops, performances and scratch opportunities throughout the Festival. Use of this space is free. Ticket prices are also free. Forest Fringe aims to provide high quality emerging artists with an opportunity to workshop theatre or performance art risk free. We also aim to expose and engage Fringe-goers with exciting new work at various stages of development from around the world.

How we Work
Forest Fringe will be volunteer based, like the organic Forest café. After they are approved, companies are free to use the space provided that they commit some of their own time to helping the venue run smoothly. This could mean building other companies’ sets, running lighting boards, some publicity, or running a workshop.
Performances will mostly be workshop based, but we are open to suggestions. Here are some of our ideas:

Rehearsed Readings: Emerging Writers are particularly encouraged to submit work for one-off rehearsed readings in the venue. Forest Fringe hopes to stage as many new play readings with writers present as possible.

Company Works-in-Progress: Companies do not need to commit to a full two or three week run. Young companies performing shows elsewhere are encouraged to use the space for publicly scratching new material.

Practical Workshops: One way for companies to volunteer time to running the venue is by volunteering to run a free workshop in the venue. Puppetry, writing, improvisation, directing- whatever your skill, if you can teach, we’d like you to share it.

The Forest is fully flexible regarding the length of a run, though dates will be confirmed by the venue for the 15th of June, 2007.

Although Forest Fringe has chosen not to be part of the Fringe Program, the busy Forest Café located between the Royal Mile and Bristo Square will provide a constant source for audience members. Performances and workshops must be free of charge, though companies can “pass the hat” at their discretion.
What We Are Not
Forest Fringe is for emerging artists to have a free space to expose their work. We will not be in the Fringe diary, we will not have a number above our building, and we expect performers to be kind, flexible, and on the edge of their art.

If you’d like to do something Completely Different
Let us know! Since this is the first year that the Forest is running a free access venue we are open to suggestions. If you have an excellent idea for a performance, a reading, an exhibit, or any other use of the space, then apply anyway.

To Apply
Email with your company name and idea. If you are a writer send in the script or idea for the play you would like to stage as a reading. We will send you details from there. Applications should be received by the 30th of May, 2007.

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