Tuesday, 3 April 2007

We were born within an hour of each other...

My mom's response to What's in a Name. This comment was so good I just had to publish it on the blog.

Of course these are questions, I as your Mater had to consider when selecting a name for you. I was deeply affected by the responsibility of the choice- What to name my child?In fact I was unseemingly reluctant to make a definitive choice for several days after you were born.I'd study your infant face and try to discern what name would suit you for a lifetime.

Unlike other mothers who had a choice planned before they went into labour, I felt I needed to meet you before naming you.There were several candidate names at the time such as : Caroline- Your brother's choice because he didn't want his sister to have a name with the same first letter as his D- for David) In fact David went to his kindergarden class the day after you were born to announce that he had a sister called Caroline. It wasn't hard for him to do, as I was still in hospital with you and hadn't yet named you. The pressure to settle on Caroline was enormous.

Then I thought of Sara, a name I liked, that didn't end with "ee"- only problem was that I had a friend whose baby daughter was named Sara (I lost touch with this friend, so it wouldn't have mattered anyway at this point), but at the time I didn't want to seem as if I horning in on her territory. Sara was for her daughter.

Then there was Katherine, but then you could have been called Katie, and then there was Laura. That was too serious for Dad. How do you call a toddler Laura? It just wasn't fashionable in those times.

I did think that Debbie might be too American cheerleaderish...but then consider Debbie Reynolds and her success. Dad and I thought of Deborah, as in Deborah Kerr, classy beautiful and talented..like you.So Deb... I hope the choice was right. By the way... I struggle with Mary...

Love Mom

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