Sunday, 22 June 2008

Arresting Development

Today had many highlights, not least of which was that it turns out the day *after* summer solstice is secretly a far better summer solstice. You can't always expect the longest day of the year to be the nicest, but June 22nd kicked it well. It was a beautiful, breezy, summer day, and best of all it just kept going. We started with Columbia Road Market with some new and old friends. Sunday mornings on Columbia Road are one of the great East End anomalies. Definitely check it out - but go before 12 if you possibly can. Even if you're hung over, the music and sights and food laden court yards will soothe your worries away.
The day kept getting better at Bling-Central's Brick Lane Sale, which the Advice Booth made a little appearance at. A very nice man on a bike stood behind a chain link fence and gave his opinion on problems like some mysterious voice from heaven. I would type something like "the guy behind me on the bike thinks he really likes you" - it made the work easier, more hilarious and generally more wonderful. You can't write this stuff. Also, a lovely Montreal based girl was walking up and down Brick Lane selling cookies for £1. So of course I bartered some advice for a cookie and got some of that sweet baked goodness while she sang the "C is for Cookie" song. (My advice. If you're going to be Brick Lane wacky, go all the way. Or if you're going to ask a booth on the street for advice, expect that kind of advice.) The day was rounded off, of course, by my new favorite addiction - Arrested Development. This television show is genius and gets better the more you watch it. Current favorite character would have to be Buster. Blame it on my recent grad school panic attacks, brother.

Also got some great advice from Mademoiselle Bling (who incidentally took the picture accompanying this blog) - for the first time I sat on the other side of the booth and let some friends dish out some of the good stuff. I've gotten advice at the booth a couple of other times, but usually with my partner in crime and we'd ask jokey questions. This time my bling central lady dished out the real deal stuff, and it was great. Her top tip - swim early in the morning or go running. And apply for jobs at Rough Trade or somewhere out of the house. Get away from my beloved Googly Box. Change the rhythms of life. Less R and B, more Rock Steady. Anyway, thank you sunshine, it was a beautiful day. And thanks to Bling Central. It was a great sale.

Side note: My partner in crime and crime fighting was sick today so could not advise with me. I missed the socks off of him. Literally. I got home and he was all like, "Where are my socks?" And I was all like, "I missed you."

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