Wednesday, 15 July 2009

I'm about to write about theatre. Wait for it...

Well well well bloggy friends, I have a bit of a new writing recommendation for y'all if you happen to be in London. Last night, after a chat with a notorious friend of mine about the arguably limited relevance of new writing in this country, I saw a new play, a classically well-made play, that absolutely knocked my socks off. I'm sure that more important people than me will also be raving about it in about 12 hours time(tonight is press night) but let me just take the opportunity to be one of the first to get in there. Jez Butterworth's new play Jerusalem at the Royal Court was so electric the walls were practically buzzing. Due in no small part to the amazing performance of the front man, Mark Rylance, in what goes down in my mind as being in the top 3 play performances I've seen in this country. His eyes were wild on fire, and everybody in the audience could feel the heat.

(Cheeeeesy, but true.)

If you need to see something big and daring and extremely entertaining to restore your faith in the well-made-play as a relevant artform, I thoroughly recommend this one. And as you nice readers know, for me to actually mention theatre is rare, so I means it.

In other news, Forest Fringe is just around the corner. Edinburgh, get ready to be schooled.

(I'm playing with aiming my blogging vernacular somewhere between a 2 year old and the optimum audience for Topgear. Not sure why - it could have something to do with not having eaten yet today.)

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