Sunday, 26 July 2009

Waltzing with my teenage self

On a late night internet ramble through youtube I stumbled upon something that struck me as oddly surreal - a record of my two separate (guilty?) teenage obsessions finding one happy home together somewhere on a stage in 2004. By then I was of course old enough to deny ever having loved them. Their music had become associated with the dreaded "Drammie" crowd at university. And drammies were uncool. I hung out with the film crowd - I wore ripped t-shirts and thought I should be listening to something far less mainstream, far edgier, maybe even punk rock. But those days are over. These days the things that come easily to me, the things that feel natural, the pleasant tunes I once loved are back and beckoning. It's a seachange. And accordingly, there are a few things that I should probably get around to admitting to myself once and for all:

1. The drammie battle has been lost or won, depending on how you look at it. (And I'm glad. My gawd how I'm glad.)

2. I felt absolute joy discovering and watching this clip. I was caught in a moment (it felt outside of time, unending and too short) of sheer undiscovered nostalgic bliss...

3. I will probably never be as punk rock as I'd like to be. Or punk rock at all. (And maybe I'm secretly glad about that too. My gawd how I'm glad. If I were punk rock I wouldn't be glad. I'd be moody!)

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