Friday, 25 September 2009

A performance creeps up on you...

I've got just under 3 hours before I'm ready for my closeup/ the show goes on. I'm in a weird state of complete calm, which will probably cease in about 2 hours. for the moment, the main feelings going through the ole brain and self are hunger, anticipation, a little bit of boredom/restlessness (what do I do with myself now? I've got 3 hours. I know, I'll blog) and of course there is that man chatting away in the back room of the brain office, talking about how nervous he is, wondering why everyone else is working away on their computer happily or checking their facebook for the umpteenth time when he's ABOUT TO PUT ON A SHOW PEOPLE! HOP TO IT! But of course, that guy will only get noticed in the last quarter of this anticipation time. That's when he'll unpick the lock in the room he's in at the moment, and in spite of all his freaking out, he'll be forced to help everybody else get on with it and put on the darned show. We'll see how it goes.

My nuclear war piece is on tonight and tomorrow night at 9pm at the Battersea Arts Centre. If you are not a stalker, I'd like to see you there. If you are a stalker... there are way cooler people out there. Seriously.

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