Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Protect and Survive - The power of one just ain't enough...

Hi there bloggy friends!

So I haven't posted for the last two days, but today this ridiculous vision I had of tiling the floor of the bunker white and blue was actually (somehow, just when it had started to seem as foolhardy as it may actually be) realized by a team of totally awesome theatre friends and erstwhile volunteers from Forest Fringe. The entire experience was very reminiscent of the wonderful things that group of people helped us do in August, and it made me pretty darned nostalgic for that whole manic month. There is something unbeatably lovely about sitting in a room of people, everyone focussing on a task at hand, everyone pitching in to try and make some theatre happen. It may be in my top twenty things to do in life, and possibly even higher. Very high would be that heart warming feeling when the people in the room are all helping make a piece of theatre that I will be ultimately responsible for. Now that this honest effort, this kind of convivial spirit and collective ownership of a now beautiful space has been brought into the equation, the pressure to make this British Nuclear bunker something memorable and interesting is on. I guess I'll just have to bring it. (Am I referencing Bring it On, you ask? I don't know, you tell me. You're the one who spotted it. And what's worse, eh? eh?)

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