Wednesday, 21 April 2010

People being nice...

Hi there Bloggy friends!

So you may have noticed a dirth of posts lately. Apologies on that front. I've been real busy. Last week was the Forest Fringe Microfestival at the Arches where I did the first showing of the beginnings of "Like You Were Before." Responses have all been really positive. I'm working on something that I'm excited to keep going with. Here are my two favourite bits of chat. I really loved this response from Mary Brennan of The Herald:

"Deborah Pearson’s Like You Were Before is about her own past – it features video of her last day before leaving Canada for the UK – but the footage of her friends, her voicing-over her previous words, as if trying to re-enter the frame, her asides about the background to people and places all have a tremendously moving universality. The camaraderie, the farewells; the bright-eyed, youthful faces: Pearson’s camera catches it, holds it. We all share the bittersweet ache that stirs with recollections of moments we’ll never have again."

And this from a Glasgow Art Blog called "Central Station":

"Using video and live performance she took us on a trip back into her past but articulated a something about us all, moments lost, people we were and how we sometimes forget the transition from young adult into full fledge … Adult

Introduced as a work in progress, I enjoyed the subtle and difficult thing she was taking on. Maybe slightly long but it made my friend sitting next to me, laugh and cry…I think that qualifies as success."

Okay, one more bit of someone saying something nice, just while I'm on the topic. (And I so rarely indulge in this kind of shameless behaviour, I feel like I've nearly earned it!)

I found this really lovely post on "Something Very Quiet is About To Happen" which was on in March at the Battersea Library with BAC. There's nothing like reading somebody whispering on the internet about your work, especially when the whisper takes the piece and reflects it back to you. This girl didn't only "get it", she got things I wasn't even aware of. Really lovely.

Click on this to read it.

Nice people and constructive feedback. This isn't the only thing that makes you keep going, but it certainly helps.

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