Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Safety Dance

Just so you know, on the well meaning advice of mr. Ed Rapley and Littlebulb, both who saw a rehearsal of the show last night and gave me some feedback - there is now...

A Dance.

There used to be this very Live Arty meets Bob Dylan sequence where I held up a series of Flashcards that described a dance, because, you know, it's way better to describe a dance than to actually see it. But the friends complained that this was too cliched, and so now I attempt to do what the flashcards describe.

I'll say no more. If you're coming you'll see it. If not, you can pretend you saw it by reading these flashcards:

To the song "Pictures" by Galaxie 500:

Sign: This isn’t the end of the show.

Sign: I just felt like you guys needed to see something a bit different in this part.

Sign: If I were a dancer I’d be doing a dance right now.

Sign: if you can pretend that I’m doing a dance right now I’d really appreciate it.

Sign: I only usually dance when I’m alone or really drunk.

Sign: First I’d be Doing some sort of physical gesture that seemed appropriate to the subject matter of the show.

Sign: I’d want it to be subtle though, so that you might even be like, is she really dancing?

Sign: Maybe I’m just imagining it?

Sign: Then I’d kind of do something bigger, only slightly bigger, but not as subtle as the first dance step.

Sign: So you’d know you definitely weren’t imagining it.

Sign: And now is when I’d really bring it full throttle and do something big and grand and beautiful.

Sign: So right now you’d be feeling really inspired and excited for me to keep going.

Sign: You might even be crying.

Sign: If you could pretend that’s what I’m doing right now I’d really appreciate it.

Sign: That was a dance interlude.

Sign: In case you were wondering what that was.

See? That's exactly what I will *actually* do. AND I'm gonna get drunk on stage right before I do it. Can't wait.

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