Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Little Things

So the blog has been real heavy on the work related chat lately, hasn't it? Allow me for a moment to pull back on that and just get into the little things - the things that make life worthwhile. (Doesn't BAC have a festival called "52 reasons for living?" Oh MAn. You promised NOT to chat about work.) Anyway here are a few things that made me happy this week.

1) When I saw two dogs wrestling by Columbia Road market. One was very very big and the other was very little. (Yes, they were wrestling. Not sexy wrestling. Just the regular kind. A group of people gathered to watch. They'll attest to it.)

2) When the boy I tutor wanted to take a five minute break to read me the short story he wrote in class. And the writing was good. Like really good.

3) When my friend Al and I drunkenly discussed breasts at 4am.

4) When my friend Nils and I went for curry and he said: "I bet they serve curry in heaven." Twice.

5) When my friend Daniel left a message on my voice mail in a very professional tone of voice, reminding me that he recently beat me at chess. I laughed out loud on the street and a man in a suit stared at me.

6) This:

7) Enthusiasm. In general. Zealousness. I just wanted to write the word Zealous. I know it was quite unnecessary after writing "enthusiasm", but have you ever typed out Zealous? Try it. It's awesome.

It's the little things that get you.

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