Monday, 15 August 2011

Day 1

Today I have:

- Performed in the show "White Rabbit Red Rabbit" at Remarkable Arts. A very amazing play and a very intense and interesting experience as a performer. Really happy to have taken part. I would strongly recommend seeing this show.

- Helped Tania El Khoury set up her wonderful show "Maybe if you choreograph me you will feel better" for men only, and because she needed to check sound levels, I was one of the lucky women who also go to see it. It's a very strong piece. Men should book quickly - there are only four performances a day so capacity is very limited.

- Saw Gary McNair and Dan Canham's pieces in the space. Both really beautiful and absolutely different experiences. Gary's show "Crunch" had me shredding my money by the end - helping me get over my attachment to money - but even the experience of shredding had been calculated by me in a financial mindset. I decided to shred £5 because I thought of myself as "buying" the experience of shredding money - a once in a lifetime experience that seemed cheap at the price. My thinking about money super ceded the act of rebelling against it - or somehow embedded itself in the experience of protest. A very interest moment.

Dan Canham's piece had me a little vaklempt, as Linda Richmond would say. Watching him dance a lament to closed down arts space in Limerick in the beautiful Bristo Hall, my relationship with that space flashed before my eyes, and suddenly it seemed like something I never wanted to let go of. I really hope they don't sell this building. And if they do I really hope that Bristo Hall continues to accommodate a generous and forward thinking theatre during the festival. Something about that space sings when people perform in it. As it turns out, I'm really pretty attached to it.

All in all a great first day. I'm excited about tomorrow and just about ready for bed.

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