Thursday, 18 August 2011

Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver: So what time will ye be gittin up fer work, then?

Me: Around ten AM.

Taxi Driver: You'll get a solid six hours, then.

Me: (Something unintelligible and I hope chatty and kind.)

Taxi Driver: I'll be fast asleep when yer gittin out of yer bed.

Me: Have a good night.

Taxi Driver: Aye. Enjoy yer festival.

Me: Yeah, see you... (about to say "later" but then realised how ridiculous that sounded.) Have a good night.

Taxi Driver: You too.

I get out of the taxi and walk to the wrong door. I know the taxi driver has seen me do this. I walk to the right door. I also waited a good forty seconds before realising that I needed to give him an address when I first got into the taxi. Forest Fringe is definitely underway.

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