Monday, 22 August 2011

A thousand years of Awesome

Here's a tip for you - Today I saw Beowulf- A thousand years of baggage today at Assembly Halls and it was really really good. As Freya, a Forest Fringe veteran put it, "You'd have to lack a bit of a soul not to enjoy that show." There was a moment where I looked around the room and saw face after face of nearly awe-struck grinning. But I should also be clear and say that the show is not mindless entertainment - it has a very cerebral angle if you're looking for it - and a lot of singing and furious rock. It's like watching a university seminar turned into a hard rock concept album. It's just the greatest. See it before it leaves the UK.

Today was my day off and I'm still really really tired. I think it's because I furiously tried to pack in as many day off activities today as possible - I made my own lunch, I did laundry, I watched two episodes of South Park, I went to see a play, I met up for coffee with a friend, I went vintage shopping with another friend, I lost my phone, I had a cheese and tomato toasty, I saw a film, and now I'm just as tired as I have been after a full day of producing and helping run the venue. This was a fast paced day off. Time for bed now. I'm on two back to back panels tomorrow - so if you're planning on attending either the Fuel "What does a producer do?" or the Central "Making the case for Innovation" panels I will see you there. In other news, tomorrow will also be my first chance to see Sharon Smith's show and Action Hero's show. See you tomorrow, Edinburgh!

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