Friday, 5 August 2011

Time Travel

Time Travelling through music today to simpler days and simpler songs. I was at a wedding today where I met my friend's very lovely German boyfriend, and he and I were talking about the importance of maintaining some connection to home. He told me that his parents live in the countryside just outside of Hamburg, and that they have kept his old room in tact. When I asked him what was on the walls of that room, he told me about a painting he'd done when he was a teenager - one of only two paintings he'd ever done. "Do you like it?" I'd asked.
He paused. And he conceded. "Yes, I really do."

"Do you like it?" is the only question I could have asked - because the question "Is it good" would have been impossible to answer. There is a painting I did when I was 20 years old hanging in my parents' guest room in Toronto - I couldn't tell you if it's good or bad - it's familiar, and comforting, and looks like a time in my life. Do I like it? Yes I do.

I feel like this same logic is the logic that has us love our family without being able to objectively discuss them as people, it is the logic of familiarity - and it is for this reason that the quality of music I use to time travel is not relevant. What is relevant is whether or not I like it. How far back I want to go. Sometimes I just want to put on the past like a nice warm blanket.

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