Monday, 8 August 2011

Things I've done since getting here -

1. Watched a good poetry gig at Forest Café that I think was called Faceplant? It featured a deaf lady who signed poetry - really interesting to watch - and the amazing Ryan Van Winkle in a trio called "The Naughty Boys", a bit Laurie Anderson, he sat crosslegged on the stage like a worn out rockstar at the end of a gig. Two other poets I enjoyed were a lovely Edinburgh based lady, whose name I didn't catch, who read out Chris Thorpe's 1 minute manifesto from last year. Really good. And a blind lady who read a very beautiful poem about the moon. This is a very vague description of the event, I realise, but Forest Café events always put me into a kind of haze where poetry can reach me but names can't.

(Addendum: I have since found out that Edinburgh-based lady whose poetry I enjoyed is named Rachel McCrum. Always good to namecheck talented people when you can...)

2. Moved chairs, painted a board, and watched Kirsty Harris, BAC's resident homemaker, create a flock of birds on the wall of a room that every other year has been filled with random stuff. There's something wonderful about the fact that even in our last few weeks in this building, the potential of these rooms continue to reveal themselves to us, like pulling the cover off something that shines. I also helped her very lovely mum fix the Forest Café vacuum cleaner.

3. Had 5 cups of tea in the space of 2 hours with my friend Calum - an activity which I'm told makes me a "Tea Jenny." (I was looking for a word for a tea addict, and very pleased that in Scotland there is one.) Right before this I also met a dog in his flat named Bonnie who stole my heart with her naturally grey eyebrows (from years of being a good dog) and wise/skilfully sympathetic/avid eyes.

4. Walked across the meadows.

5. Politely declined a flyer.

I'm about to eat my first plate of Forest Café food of the festival. It's starting.

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